Diploma in Special Education

In a democratic nation when the development of the abilities and skills of each person is considered a human right,it becomes the duty of the nation,society and parents that they should provide provide special education for those children who have exceptional abilities and potentialities.The Article 45 of the indian constitution says that free and compulsory education should be provided for all children including those who are physically,mentally and socially handicapped.Exceptional children cannot be benefited by normal classes in regular schools.They need special teachers.If these children are not paid proper attention at the right moment,they may become problematic,antisocial,maladjusted,and a burden to society.These children have the capacity to learn but in a different way.In this course we train the students to become specialised teavhers to understand the abilities ,deficienciesof exceptional children and provide special education appropriate to suit their needs such that they too become self-confident,independent and productive citizens of the nation.

Eligibility : Class 12 Pass or appearing

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