Dr. B.N Roy Institute of Training and Education Foundation

Dr B.N.Roy Institute of training and education foundation was established in 2013 with the view to educate and train women so that they become socially responsible and economically independent.

The institution has been named after Dr. B.N. Roy,a renowned medical practitioner and also an eminent social reformer and worker.He worked for the welfare of mentally challenged and spastic children and had established Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential in the year 1977.He was also awarded National Award from the Government of India in 1999 for his impeccable work for the society. He encouraged women education as he considered that educated mother can upbring a child in the most effective manner. Continuing his legacy we have established our institution where girls and women are trained with utmost care.Our institution takes the determined pledge to create more numbers of teachers committed to shape lives of the future generations in the most befitting and deserving manner.

Mrs. Puja Ghosh

M.A (Eng), D.El.Ed, B.Ed

It is rightly said that “Women is the creator of a healthy society”. She is truly the finest embodiment of nature to whom man is always fathomlessly indebted. So is extremely important for every women to be economically, socially independent and in order to make women self reliant, economically independent the light of education is the only possible way. Our mission is to ensure equitable access to high quality education and training to every women especially the ones who are economically weak yet are talented and has the zeal to learn. We ensure that all girls and women have the social and technical skills needed for living and working in the modern world and are flexible in their approach to careers. We also aim to train teachers with new methods of teaching, giving special emphasis to communication skills and to effuse facilities for study and research. We aim to develop physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral and aesthetic power of women so that they can transform themselves into intellectually trained and socially committed teachers.

Mr. Rajan Kr Mehta

M.Com, B.Ed

“Quality education is possible only through quality teachers who come out from quality institution” In order to achieve target of quality teacher education, it is great pleasure to announce that our institution would do its best for the upliftment of the society through quality education and development of skills. We aim to set the minds of the trainees to be sympathetic and empathetic towards students, to be more inquisitive, to explore and utilise the expanding horizon of knowledge for improvement of teaching learning, to foster an integrated personality within the pupils and to motivate them towards an incessant quest for a new knowledge.